Brown steampunk necklace

I’m particularly proud of this one, I think it’s the best of the series so far (there were four already, three gothic and one steampunk). The most time consuming piece I’ve made so far, took me over five hours to complete it. Lots of beautiful silver foil glass beads in it. Available on Etsy.

New steampunk pendants available

I’m a little bit fed up with all those heart pendants, although they are extremely popular. I decided to make some new pendants that are round, oval, square, anything but heart. These are four new ones, but there are also some older ones still available in the shop:¬†    

Long black agate pendant

I’ve made this pendant a while ago, I have no idea why I haven’t posted it yet. It’s a beautiful black agate bead with translucent and brown spots. I used two wires: gunmetal and silver plated to make the pendant even more unusual. It’s quite traditional in comparison to my other creations, though. No crazy colours and forms, just a floral inspired wrapping in quiet tones. Available on Etsy.

Round turquoise pendant

I loved this bead from the moment I saw it. I also didn’t want to spoil it by too complicated wrapping, but rather enhance its beauty. I couldn’t decide what to do for a while, and ended up making the same wrapping pattern that I’d used for other pendants (labradorite mostly). Perhaps it’s even too shy. I don’t know. Available on Etsy.

Pocket watch pendant with yellow beads

I haven’t posted anything seriously steampunkish in a while, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have anything to show. I have many steampunk pendants and I promise to list them in my shop quite soon. This pendant’s base is a part of a vintage pocket watch. I used some gears and amber-yellow glass beads for decoration. Available on Etsy.

Wire wrapped morning star pendant

I’ve already made several morning star pendants previously, but I’ve just now figured out how to actually make a woven top part. I think it looks nicer and is less likely to get twisted while being worn. I used non-tarnishing silver plated wire. Available on Etsy.

Yet another agate pendant

I’m not sure if I’m not boring with all the agate pendants I’m posting, but agate is never boring for me. Each piece is different, has different banding, sometimes no banding at all, and if dyed, a lot of different colour possibilities. This one is natural brown, so I chose to use neutral warm and copper coloured wire. Available on Etsy.