Steampunk cross

At first I was going to name it “Vampire repellent”, but I didn’t want to hurt anybody’s religious feelings, so I sticked with the generic name. Actually, being non-Christian and generally anti-religious and all, I’ve never thought I’d ever make a cross-shaped pendant. I changed my mind when I’ve got this piece of brass, which I pulled out of a vintage Russian watch. It was so cross-like! I added two gears to remove all doubt …



I received all this today. Unfortunately I don’t have a screwdriver small enough to dismantle them. I ordered a set about a week ago, but it hasn’t arrived yet. I managed to unscrew some parts with a craft knife, though. Fortunately I’ve got a lot of loose pieces, so I have something to work on until I get my screwdrivers arrive.

Heart of Lorkhan

I’ve been playing Morrowind a lot lately (again), whis is surprisingly inspiring for a video game, where usually most things are obvious and no place is left for doubt. The island on which the story is being played, has numerous ruins left from hundreds of years before by a race of inventors and scientists called the Dwemer (based vaguely on Assyrians). The whole race has vanished from the realm, and the reason why is the …


Clockwork kittens

The very first thing that I thought when I saw the photo of the watch parts batch I ordered online, was “Cats! These look like sitting cats!”. So these kittens were the first items I made out of watch parts. They are smaller than they seem. Waiting for another batch of supplies and looking forward to a kitten wrapping spree. One of them is available on Etsy.