Oval steampunk pendant

I’ve decided to use up all the big silver foil beads that I have just one of each, to make more space in my storage boxes. I’m about 1/10 through this challenge. I’m really fussy about what I do with them, because if I mess up, I won’t be able to repeat it with another bead, and I’m not very good at making decisions, so it’ll take some time before I finish this. Some of …


Steampunk leaf pendant

This pendant is truly one of a kind, because there’s no way I could find other watch parts that fit each other this way. The main parts come from two different pocket watches. The gear does not only make it look more steampunkish, but also makes the construction more stable. Available on Etsy.

Steampunk heart with a key

This moment had to come sooner or later, I have to start preparing some heart-themed jewellery for Valentine’s Day. I also wanted to add some more elements to my steampunk pendants, so I won’t get bored with them so easily, hence the charm. I know that the key element along with the heart element seems sort of cliché, but the stupid key charm just wouldn’t look so nice with other bead shapes. Well, at least …


Steampunk pendant with turquoise

I’ve always thought that the best beads to go with the steampunk style are glass. Steampunk is industrial, and glass is industrial. It has clear colours that contrast with neutral steel or yellowish brass. And stones are natural, they’re all about being natural. But then I got bored with what I was doing on regular basis and started to experiment. I came up with this – natural stabilized turquoise. It actually looks a little bit …


Blue pocket watch pendant

I’ve recently got a big supply of brass pocket watch parts, some smaller, some bigger. It seems to me that the best bead colour for them is one of the dark blue shades. Deep red silver foil glass beads would also be nice, but it’s harder to get them. I’ll try to experiment with other beads, but for now I’ve got a brass pendant with electric blue beads. Available on Etsy.

Rectangle steampunk pendant

I’ve been reluctant to use rectangle-shaped beads for steampunk jewellery, but a friend told me: “Rectangle is not typical. Not typical is good.” so I tried. The main bead of this pendant is light olive-green glass, however it’s covered in a layer of copper powder on the inside, which makes it look like antique-gold coloured. Available on Etsy.