Black agate pendant

I have a lot of black agate ovals, small ones I used for the gothic pendants and big ones, like this one. They’re hard to photograph, though, as the surface is very smooth and tends to reflect everything when not in the right angle. And what I want to show, is the night sky blackness of it and the lovely banding. Still, a minor reflection visible on this one. Available on Etsy.

Labradorite & hematite pendant

I’ve got some new labradorite, this time the beads are bigger and more of them have flashes (mostly silver, but sometimes also blue and yellow). I managed to create something perfectly neutral and rather elegant (or rather boring – depending on your taste). I’m hoping to use this pattern more with different wire/stone combinations, as it seems like a perfect classic style pendant. Available on Etsy.

More gothic hearts

I get several emails a day, requesting more steampunk hearts with keys and gothic heart pendants. They sell several hours after I list them. The problem is, I physically don’t manage to make as many as requested, because if I make more than 4 -5 pendants a day, quality tends to suffer. So I stopped taking commissions, but point people into the general direction of my Etsy shop. Yes, there will be more. Yes, in …


Wrapping a teardrop bead

I’ve been wondering for a while how to wrap a side drilled teardrop bead and make it original at the same time, I decided to do something totally freeform and see where it takes me. As you can see, I got carried away a little bit. When I finished, my first thought was “geez, I made a Shoggoth” O_o Available on Etsy.

Wrapping irregular agate slabs

Wrapping these irregular slabs of agate proved to be more challenging than I had thought. First, some of them are drilled in stupid spots. Second, I can’t just wrap them around, like I do with sea glass, because I don’t want to obscure the beautiful banding and crystals on them. Third, it’s often hard to make a decission which side I want on the front. Fourth, I don’t have wire that goes with them alone …


New beads

I wanted to share with you some of the interesting beads I’ve just got. Picasso jasper (also called “red creek jasper”, as far as I know), every bead looks like an abstract painting. Being a painter, I really love this. Some gorgeous druzy agate, with interesting banding: And black agate with white banding, that I bought for goth style jewellery, but who knows what I’ll make out of it: