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The spongebob dating sandy Plankton is up to no good sandy spongebob when he tries to manipulate SpongeBob into becoming aggressive and does the order to get more out of life. SpongeBob discovers that just because people sandy you dating don't necessarily spongebob-sandy you. Besides, it's just more fun to be nice to people and have them like you. Written by NAS. These episodes are good. A majority of the gags made me laugh.

This article is in need of cleanup in order to comply with Encyclopedia SpongeBobia's Manual of Style. Please help this Wiki by making this article clean and tidy! Please remove this message when finished. SpongeBob and Sandy hugging in Ripped Pants. Of all the episodes to this date, this is the one that most likely hints at a possible relationship between SpongeBob and Sandy. Despite the reveal that the wedding of SpongeBob SquarePants and Sandy Cheeks was just a play, spongebob dating sandy hints suggest that SpongeBob and Sandy getting married was not a completely random scenario.

No, everybody knows spongebob is gay. No they're just great friends. When Spongebob is jelly-fishing he saw Sandy Clam Wrestling then Spongebob said tries to Sandy and Sandy came out of the clam then Sandy saw Spongebob then Spongebob is stuck inside a clam then Sandy rescues Spongebob and that's the time they meet. Spongebob meets sandy in tea at the treedome. SpongeBob and Sandy aren't getting married.
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