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SEATTLE — A woman who authorities say was slain and dismembered in her suburban home and whose remains were then placed in a Seattle recycling bin was a beloved mother of three as well as a sister and friend, her family says. A head, arm with a hand, lower leg and foot were recovered, court documents state. Lyne had planned to go on a date to a Mariners baseball game Friday night, friends said. A neighbor told detectives she had been seattle dating site murderer a man named John. He said he had been dating Lyne for about a month. Jennifer Worley, a King County prosecutor, said investigators found bits of human flesh and blood in the bathtub near the saw.

That night, Lyne reportedly went on a date with year-old John Robert Charlton, a man who she had met online and had been dating since last month. On Saturday, Seattle police say three adult body parts — including a foot, a human head, and an arm — were found in a homeowner's recycling bin in Seattle's Central District just after 4 p. Police said, based on that evidence, Charlton was arrested in connection with Lyne's murder and booked into the King County Jail for investigation of homicide. Suspect in death of Renton mother Ingrid Lyne has just appeared in court. Q13FOX pic. Judge finds probable cause in 2nd degree murder. During a hearing on Tuesday, prosecutors revealed seattle dating site murderer details of the crime, including the fact that investigators believe Lyne was killed in her own home, dismembered in her bathtub and transported in her own car to the location where her remains were dumped. King County Deputy Prosecutor Jennifer Worley said Seattle police crime scene investigators "found bits of human flesh and blood in bathtub drain" in Lyne's home, where they also located a inch pruning saw.

The Seattle mother of three whose dismembered remains were discovered in a recycling bin had begun to trust her accused killer after meeting him online nearly two months ago, a friend tells PEOPLE. Crissa Franceschina says Ingrid Lyne met John Robert Charlton , 37, on a dating site and she had told friends about their upcoming date to a Seattle Mariners baseball game last Friday. Following her divorce from the father of her three daughters in , she began looking for romance online in her scare free time. Investigators discovered several dismembered remains that they believe belong to Lyne in a recycling bin outside a Seattle home on Saturday afternoon.
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A Seattle nurse and mother of three was killed by her boyfriend, who cut her apart then dumped her head and other body parts in a recycling bin, prosecutors said. She and Charlton had been dating for six to eight weeks before she vanished Friday night despite earlier reports they had just met online, KOMO-TV reported. The ex-husband of Lyne, 40, reported her missing Saturday morning, and a homeowner discovered the head, arm, lower leg and foot that afternoon, court documents show. Seattle police arrested Charlton Monday north of the city, in Snohomish County. King County prosecutor Jennifer Worley said in court Tuesday that detectives found human flesh and blood in Lyne's bathtub near the saw. Seattle dating site murderer public defender, Gordon Hill, countered that no forensic evidence connected Charlton to her death and it couldn't be proven she was killed when Charlton was with her. Charlton has a troubled history. His parents filed for a restraining order insaying he became drunk and abusive. He allegedly took the serial killer movie "Hannibal" down from a shelf and told his mother she should watch it and "beware. Charlton was convicted of negligent driving in Washington state inaggravated robbery in Utah in and felony theft in Montana in

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