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Story Story Writer Forum Community. Starfire and Robin. Focus: Cartoons Teen Titans, Since: Koriand'r Grayson. Captivated by Princess Starfire of Tamaran reviews Robin and starfire dating fanfiction was a game of pretend Tonight, it seems a new tactic has been brought into play and Starfire will win

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Hope you like it better!! Robin was sitting outside, on the roof of the Titan Tower to be exact. The bright white light from the rising sun stroked his masked face that was currently deep in thought. He had known Starfire for 5 years now, but throughout all that time he had felt the same, never less. Four years of that five had been spent in closeness with her, in other words, as boyfriend and girlfriend. Now, he wanted something more…He was 22 after all.
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An actress involved with her trainer is gossip, not a scandal. An actress caught with her married trainer. You're telling me two UFC champions can't lift one moderately overweight woman. My main hope that this drama isn't going to be a plot-less bit of fluff solely banking on its leads' good looks, is exactly that - the fact that the leads are So Ji-sub and Shin Mina, who based on their past dramas, and the frequency 0 or lack thereof - of signing them don't sign up to dramas just for the sake of it.

I haven't started this drama yet subs but I do hope it's successful and good because I really do like the leads. The point about the woman not getting credit for her own transformation reminds me of My Fair Lady, with Henry Higgens singing ""I did it"" while Eliza is looking around like ""Um, don't I deserve some credit too.

Actually, I hope not, because in the movie I totally wanted her to marry Freddy.

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