Steampunk Cthulhu!

I had even more fun this time than with the previous Cthulhu pendant. I used some brass watch parts that are quite scarce among my supplies (the non-gear ones; I have a lot of similar steel parts, but they just didn’t fit), but it was worth it. Available on Etsy.

Clockwork heart III

Another heart. The idea was to make two contrasting halves, the droid one and the natural one, with an “organic” type of ornamentation (the spiral). I like the idea, I might use it more often.  Available on Etsy.


Would you believe that I’m really trying to stay away from cuteness and heart-shaped beads? All of these came in bead mixes. And now I have to figure out how to make non-cute stuff out of them.

Steampunk cross

At first I was going to name it “Vampire repellent”, but I didn’t want to hurt anybody’s religious feelings, so I sticked with the generic name. Actually, being non-Christian and generally anti-religious and all, I’ve never thought I’d ever make a cross-shaped pendant. I changed my mind when I’ve got this piece of brass, which I pulled out of a vintage Russian watch. It was so cross-like! I added two gears to remove all doubt …


Mixed inspirations

Steampunk is all about technology, and I though why not mix in some nature inspired element? I was going to shape the beads into something more abstract, but it just didn’t look good, so I sticked with the twig-like shape. I used a round part of a watch movement. If you try to move the large gear on the side, the other two gears will rotate. Available on Etsy.


I received all this today. Unfortunately I don’t have a screwdriver small enough to dismantle them. I ordered a set about a week ago, but it hasn’t arrived yet. I managed to unscrew some parts with a craft knife, though. Fortunately I’ve got a lot of loose pieces, so I have something to work on until I get my screwdrivers arrive.

From the sea

Back when I was a teenager, I used to spend my summer holidays with my parents, often at the seaside or near it. It was a Baltic sea, and it doesn’t provide interesting shells for jewellery, but on the annual St. Dominic’s fair in Gdansk, you could buy all kinds of exotic shells and ambers. I used to spend half of my allowance on them and I’d string them on a piece of leather cord, …


Tentacles! (Cthulhu jewellery)

Honestly, I don’t remember having so much fun while making any piece of jewellery :D I came up with this idea, when my latest pendants started to resemble tentacles in a disturbing way. I used silver foil glass, enamelled wire and Czech fire polished beads. Also, when researching Cthulhu jewellery, I  have been finding mostly octopus designs, only small percentage were real Cthulhus. This item has been sold.

Steampunk and non-steampunk

I was running out of watch parts, this flat piece was one of the last that I had. I weaved about a half of this pendant, when suddenly the bead inside broke in two :( I had to undo half of what I had made to replace it with a new one. I was happy with the final result, and everybody seemed to like it. My friend asked me to make something similar, but non-steampunk. …