Asymmetric black and red pendant

As you probably know already, my most popular kind of pendant is a heart, either a steampunk one with a key or a red one with lots of black wire and sort of a gothic feeling to it. I don’t blog about them anymore because they go from my shop too quickly, often before I even get around to writing a post about them. In fact, these days I rarely make anything else except the …


Shipping delays in January

I’d like to inform all my customers, that all items bought between Jan 10 and 22 will be shipped on Jan 23rd (I’ll be away during this period due to family matters, but don’t want to close the shop). I apologize for any inconvenience.

Agate pendants

I made these two pendants in December, but with all the work with craft fairs and also family matters, I sort of forgot about blogging. I apologize for that and promise to write more. I’ve got a lot of new jewellery to share, I just need to get around to taking the photos, etc. The first one is an agate slice, dyed black, which I thought would look cool with neutral grey beads. These are …


Moving the blog to a self hosted WordPress

Dear readers, I’ve moved the blog to a self hosted WordPress, instead of, because it gives me more managing options. You don’t have to do anything, because the address will stay the same – Your email subscriptions will also be moved, but you will receive updates about the upcoming posts, not comments on the old posts.

Steampunk cats enhanced version


Remember my steampunk kittens that I used to make back in 2010 and 2011? They were very popular. Unfortunately I ran out of supplies (the watch part thingies) but still get asked about them every now and then. Well I may or may not have a huge mess in my supplies; good news is I found a few more pieces that I used to make the kittens of. I didn’t want to do the regular simple kind …


Christmas craft fair in Dublin

I’m doing Christmas fairs for the first time this year, so it’s a great opportunity to see my work in person (as I don’t have a regular shop, just an online one). So please, if you’re in Dublin in December please come! The fair is on for three December weekends in the city centre area. “Christmas Craft Fair, will be held at Trinity Bar & Venue, Dame St, D2 over the weekends coming up to …


Industrial eye pendant


I had a problem categorizing this pendant. It’s slightly steampunkish but does not contain any watch parts, just wire, beads and a lot of chains. I settled for “industrial” in the end, as this term is somewhat wider than steampunk. It’s still in the Steampunk section of my shop, because Etsy doesn’t allow more categories than I already have. I used a tiny dichroic glass cab from For The People glued onto a brass connector as …