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I recently dated a guy who I liked quite a lot. We went out for about six weeks and seemed to have a great time together. He said he just friends after dating very attracted to me, but he was nervous about having sex with me. He said his life was too overwhelming with the current divorce proceedings under way and so he didn't want to make things more confusing. I was fine with that.

Some time ago, during the Just friends after dating Badass Dating campaign, we got into a discussion about rejection. Unfortunately, in many cases, letting someone down easy makes the rejection far worse. And in dating, sometimes you will meet people with whom you could actually envision being friends. However, using the LBF ruse during rejection is usually a bad idea. Why is this?

I agree Andrew. But I guess depending on the type of relationship it was, this can be devastatingly difficult to do But one must try, if one is convinced the relationship is well and truly dead. But if not, work hard to get it right, to avoid having regrets later
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Women place men on a ladder, and men move up and down that ladder. He was right. Flashback to There I was, just friends after dating to Sydney, with a new friend of a friend. But, it also could also have been a date. I couldn't tell. I had just moved to Sydney, and I didn't want to date. I ended up in a relationship anyway — with another guy — shortly after. Chances are, that first guy will always just be a friend.

All Rights Reserved. Terms and Conditions of Service. Jerry Seinfeld wisely observed that breaking up with someone was like trying to tip just friends after dating a soda machine. You have to get it rocking. Once it is moving and unstable, only then you can push it over. Or in other words: breaking up IS hard to do.

Remaining friends with someone you shared a life with can inhibit your ability to move on to a meaningful and compatible relationship with someone else, especially if you either consciously or unconsciously yearn to get back together with them. Being in contact with your ex could interfere with your ability to do just that. Remaining friends with your ex also has the potential to leave you feeling insecure and jealous when you see them with someone new. How does this benefit either of you?
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