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Thinking about trading in your car for a SiriusXM-ready vehicle just so you can enjoy how do you hook up sirius radio in car favorite satellite radio stations on the road? You can add a SiriusXM radio to your car for a tiny fraction of the price of a new car. There are three different ways to do that. There are a few aftermarket stand-alone satellite radios available, and SiriusXM, the satellite radio company, makes their own stand-alone kits. Basically, you mount the radio onto the dash or console and then run some wires.

Sirius satellite radio offers far more variety and channel selection how do you hook up sirius radio in car conventional radio, and the process of installing a Sirius radio in your vehicle is quite simple. You can connect a Sirius radio to your car stereo using either a wireless connection or direct connection. The latter tends to provide better quality, especially if you use an audio cable. Scan through the FM frequencies on your car stereo, and select a frequency that is not being used by a local station. Power on your Sirius radio, and access the settings or menu tab.

The standard way to listen to satellite radio in your car is to connect the satellite radio receiver to your car stereo's auxiliary port. This connects the receiver directly to your radio and provides crystal clear audio. This is great for newer cars with newer stereos, but it is impossible if your stereo doesn't have an auxiliary port. For those with older models, it is important to know that they are still able to access satellite radio in their car. Buy an FM transmitter.
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A Sirius car radio is sold with the necessary accessories to connect the device to your vehicle, but some manufacturers sell a separate home kit that allows you to hook up the radio to a stereo system. This can eliminate the need for a second radio at the office and saves you money. The home kit includes a dock, an antenna, power cord and the necessary cables to connect the radio to a stereo system in your office. Confirm that a home kit is available for your Sirius radio by browsing how do you hook up sirius radio in car accessory section of SiriusXM's online store link in Resources. Locate the home kit in the listed accessories and purchase it. Once you receive the home kit, unpackage and separate the contents. Remove the radio from the car dock in your vehicle before starting the installation process.

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