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These magical creatures crop up out of nowhere and fry your electronics or annoy your ear holes. Understanding them will doubtless save you money and hassle. The ground loop in a nutshell is what happens when two separate devices A and B are connected to ground separately, and then also connected to each other through some kind of communication cable with a ground, creating a loop. One example is your cable TV. This is an how do you hook up a ground loop isolator signal that comes into your house and is grounded to earth in one place, usually outside your house.

A ground loop isolator prevents interference in a ground loop circuit. A ground loop circuit is one in which two or more circuits are connected to the same ground wire. Ideally, all circuits in a ground loop circuit have the same voltage potential. However, if the ground wire has significant resistance and current, the voltage of the second circuit will be slightly lower than the first, causing a voltage difference that makes the ground wire no longer have a ground potential. This is known as interference and can be hazardous, inefficient, and a nuisance in many electrical systems. Ground loop isolators prevent how do you hook up a ground loop isolator in electrical ground loop circuits by using a small transformer that steps voltages from each circuit in a ground loop up or down, depending on whether the voltage difference is positive or negative.

This set of c. I first started out in audio around or 76 a teenager. Some of my creations were reasonably quiet — through pure luck — and others hummed and hissed horribly. I then left DIY audio for about 15 years career, family etc , returning to the subject again about 15 years ago, having forgotten a lot of my practical skills. The path from electromagnetic theory expounded on numerous websites, application notes and posts on various web forums to building quiet amplifiers every time is not easy and requires a bit of practice. The underlying theory can be extremely complex, however, with some effort and focus you can quickly master the basics.
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You've how do you hook up a ground loop isolator connected your system and there's a buzz or hum that won't go away. You're running your gear through power conditioners and you're beating your head against the wall trying to figure out what's up. Congratulations - you've just entered The Ground Loop Zone. Several weeks ago I was pulling my hair out after I installed a new component into Reference System 3 for review. It was an amplifier that came with a three-prong power cable. Immediately after placing the amp in my system a very noticeable 60Hz hum starting pouring from my speakers. If this has happened to you the chances are it's a ground loop between your Cable TV and another component in your system like an amplifier or powered subwoofer. Now, how do you solve it? First it helps to define exactly what a ground loop is and how it may affect our home theater system. Ed itorial Note on Ground Loops When two or more devices are connected to a common ground through different paths, ground path noise, or a ground loop can occur.

A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing -- that's what your old Grandpa used to say. Car audio systems seem like about the how do you hook up a ground loop isolator proposition in the world; use your brain, follow the cables, and connect stuff where it's supposed to go. What's hard about that? But audio systems are just like any other electrical system, and a lot can go wrong in the details. Once of them is the nefarious "ground loop," which is a phenomena that induces a maddening hum in the speakers. A "ground loop isolator" is a good temporary fix, but this might be a good time to talk to a pro about finding a more permanent solution. Turn the system off. Open the trunk or hatch and locate the amplifier, or locate the amp and its RCA jacks wherever they are in the car. Unplug the RCA cables from the amplifier. Plug the red and white RCA connectors into their respective -- usually color-coded -- jacks on the ground loop isolator.

Editor's note, July 16, We updated this story with new illustrations and new tips and tricks throughout. So you just unboxed your new entertainment gear, hooked everything up, and you hear a buzz, whine, hiss, chatter, or any number of other annoying noises that have been known to plague audio equipment. You might even see some banding or waves on your TV. So you take it all back to the store, only to watch the salesperson plug it in and have everything work perfectly. What the…?
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