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I was going to PPD and was feeling more needy and insecure then ever. We started talking again in June and things seemed to be going well. I would love some advice. My ex just broke up with me 3 days ago and I have already broken a few of the first rules but not too badly. We almost made it two years together and we had a wonderful relationship together, we had small problems like a normal relationship but nothing horrible.

Hey there, basically I had been with my ex for 2 and a half years before we broke up just over a month ago, the reasons why we broke up were a few.

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Out of the kindness of my heart and if I had the hot dating sites in ghana, maybe I would, but that is my decision to make and it certainly does not make me a bad person for not doing it if I choose otherwise. And okay, agree to disagree. I saw yet again the men here foist responsibility on women on the ONE post that was about what responsibility MEN could take on board. I was foolish, I thought maybe the men here might actually post some thoughts about what men could do, carry on the conversation Evan started in his post, give each other suggestions.

Then they will magically interact with their partner in a way that meets all of their hopes and dreams.

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