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There are two ways to connect a GPS device to a car: connecting it to maintain a charge from the cigarette lighter plug and connecting it to use the FM stereo as an output for hook up my gps audio from the GPS device. Follow the instructions given by the specific brand of GPS device for physically attaching the device to the dashboard of your car. Connect the power cord to the GPS device at its power input and plug the other end into the cigarette lighter plug. Attach a patch cord to the audio output from the GPS device and attach the other end to the auxiliary input on your car's stereo. Find an open frequency and the audio should come in. This may prove difficult in an urban area.

DSC allows mariners to send instant, digitally coded distress calls to the U. Coast Guard and other vessels within transmission range. It also allows selective, digital communication with other DSC-equipped vessels. In a Sept. A dedicated GPS puck receiver makes good sense for a number of reasons:. The hook up my gps requires a regulated 5-volt DC power source in addition to data connections. After selecting your GPS data stream, the next step is hooking everything together.

To connect your GPS to your PC, you need appropriate cables and the device's driver installation files. While an Internet connection isn't a must in all situations, it can be very helpful during installation, especially if you no longer have the original driver installation disc. Before connecting your GPS device to your computer, install the device drivers. The drivers are generally on a CD -- usually included in the box with the device -- which automatically installs the drivers to your computer when you run it. Without the drivers, your computer may not interact correctly with your GPS device, especially in the case of a device with a serial connection.
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A computer allows you to transfer content to your Garmin GPS, so connecting the device to a laptop is essential for both registering your device hook up my gps installing the latest software and maps. This ensures that your GPS contains updated information such as streets and traffic updates, as well as improving the device's overall performance. When you connect your Garmin GPS to a computer, it's detected as a removal drive, which helps to upload or sync files quickly and safely. Wait for the image of a device connected to a computer to appear on the GPS's screen. This image symbolizes a USB mass storage mode connection.

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