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Installing a boost gauge on your Vehicles Turbo allows you to more effectively monitor the turbo's running boost and keep an eye on its performance, helping you dial in the car's hook up boost gauge, your driving style and the precise amount of boost to run in a given situation. Installing the gauge is a relatively simple matter Vehicles anyone familiar with cars, and a great starting point Vehicles those just getting into or dabbling in car modification. Keep an eye on your turbo--and add race car style to your dash--by installing your own boost gauge. Remove the boost gauge from its packaging and be certain that all the necessary components are available. You should have a gauge, vacuum line and T-tube.

As a car owner who takes pride in doing his own repairs, my articles focus on helping other vehicle owners handle DIY projects. This is a hook up boost gauge mod for any turbo car. It's cheap, easy, it looks good, and, most important, it helps you monitor your boost. For a nice stock look, I would recommend Autometer Cobalt boost gauges, I personally think that they look the best, but they can be expensive.

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Turbo equipped cars and trucks use a combination of forced air into the engine's intake manifold plus fuel to create horsepower that is transferred to the road via the drive train. Factory turbo charged vehicles come with a gauge that measures this boost, but inefficiently. The job of the aftermarket boost gauge is to measure the amount of inducted air that is being created by the system inside the intake manifold, which indicates the amount of power that is being created as well as heat that can build up within these turbo charged engine packages. Aftermarket boost gauges are an important part of increased performance for turbo charged vehicles because factory gauges are connected to a vehicle's computer rather than the actual boost pressure being built inside the intake manifold. A boost gauge is easy to install and takes only an hour to complete. Secure the dashboard mounting panel in a position that can be viewed easily when operating the vehicle. The placement of the new boost gauge assembly hook up boost gauge flexible.

For the record I did no Drilling and no Splicing lines. This is the how to I wrote to help you guys out. This is neither here or there as I just wanted to mod my car. Now to see how much air your sucking in, you are going to need to get a vacuum gauge.
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