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Bilge pump installation is straightforward, but it is essential not to overlook key details. You must not place the pump in the bilge unrestrained. If it falls over it will suck air and burn out. Pumps must be fastened down. Brackets are available that attach to a stringer or other vertical feature, or you can epoxy a couple of bolts to the bottom of the bilge to serve as mounting studs. Bends and long runs also reduce pump output, so make the hose run as straight and as short as possible. That may mean discharging the pump through the side of the hull rather than through the transom. If the hook up bilge pump is submerged when the pump runs, the ocean siphons back through the pump into the bilge when the pump shuts off.

In both cases the manual switch and float switch and manual feed are in parallel. With a manual bilge switch — our recommended way — the float switch is always connected straight to the battery via a fuse. It cannot be turned off by the helm bilge switch. There are two paths through it… one direct bipassing the floatand one in series with the float switch series means AND… both the auto hook up bilge pump AND the float switch must be closed for the pump to activate.

Designed to remove bilge water, the bilge pump is an indispensable part of any boat, yacht or sailing vessel. The installation of this pump, however, can be one of many costly additions to your boat. To save yourself the expense and hassle of enlisting a third party, read the following article to learn how to wire a bilge pump safely in your water vessel. To create this article, volunteer authors worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has also been viewed 66, times. Categories: Boat Service and Repair.
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When unwanted water boards your boat, it collects in the boat's bilge. The bilge, the lowest part of your boat, collects this water and, unless you remove it, its movement will make your boat unstable. A properly wired bilge pump lets you do so in an orderly manner, either on command or automatically. The hook up bilge pump pump is usually located at the rear of the bilge. The float, an air-filled ball at the end of a rod attached to the float switch, is located a few inches forward of the pump. As the water in the bilge rises, the float rises and triggers the automatic pump switch.

Mark Channels Hook up bilge pump Calendar. Why does my bilge pump have 3 wires? Posts Latest Activity. Page of 1. Filtered by:. Previous Next. September 26th,PM. I have been trying to figure out why my bilge pump has 3 wires going into it. I know it uses a internal float switch and is turned on by a switch up front. I need to change it out and I really dont want to use the float system, I just want to turn it on by a switch.

A bilge pump is one of the most important safety components of a boat. The bilge pump drains water that accumulates in the boat. The addition of a float switch to a bilge pump circuit allows the bilge pump to come on automatically once the water in the boat reaches a certain level. This ensures that even if there is nobody on the boat to turn on the bilge pump, it will still pump water out of the boat. Purchase a float switch that is compatible with your bilge pump. Most bilge pumps run on 12V DC power so it is important to get a switch intended for 12V power and rated for slightly more than the maximum wattage draw of your bilge pump. Purchase a float switch with long enough wires to run from your bilge pump to the pump control switch. Position the float switch in the bilge near the bilge pump.
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