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Phillip J. Fry and Turanga Leela are from the animated series Futurama. Fry was a lowly pizza delivery man who was accidentally cryogenically frozen on New Years Eve and awoke years fry dating leela the future. Leela, who lived her whole life thinking she was an alien abandoned on Earth by her parents, was working a dead-end job placing other people in the workforce when she met Fry. He didn't want to be a delivery boy his entire life, and she realized that "You gotta do what you gotta do" was not a motto to live by. Both threw caution to the wind and joined Planet Express, a delivery service owned by Fry's distant relative.

With a "no rain or sleet" attitude and a "kick-your-ass" grace, this delivery captain is a refreshing source of professionalism to counterpoint the rest of the crew. For better or worse, the ship runs on her high octane passions, be it because of her longing for family, her love of violence, her commitment to a job well done, or her affection for animals. She has been known to scrap the missions on a whim on the promise of learning more of her past, jeopardize the crew's lives to spite Zapp Brannigan and save Nibbler. Leela was the first female Blernsball player and the worst player ever because of her poor depth perception this is due to the fact that she fry dating leela one eye. However, in space, depth perception is less useful because things are further away and so Leela is captain of the Planet Express ship. She is the daughter of Turanga Morris and Turanga Munda.

The relationship between Philip J. Fry and Turanga Leela is a recurring theme and a story arc on Futurama. Fry and Leela develop a very close friendship over the years.
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Throughout the history of Futuramathe relationship between Philip J. Fry I and Turanga Leela has been an ongoing theme. From their initial meeting where Leela attempted to implant a Career chip in Fry after he emerged from cryogenic stasis, the relationship grew as they came to appreciate each other, culminating in the extended temporary marriage seen in the series finale " Meanwhile ". They are also the parents of Elena Fry whom they conceive during their love-making on a romantic holiday as well as the son-in-law and daughter-in-law of their separate families, The Fry Family and The Turanga Family. When Fry first met Leela, he seemed to have fallen in love with her, though she at first only considered him a "kid from the stupid ages". In the episode Insane in the Mainframe, when fry believes himself to be a robot, Leela, having been fed up with his state of mind, kisses him to try to convince him he is in fact human. On his first 31st century Xmas, Fry purchases a parrot as a gift for Leela. Fry performs an opera to effectively win Leela's affection again, only to be interrupted by the Robot Fry dating leela scheme to reclaim his hands. Fry plays the finale of the opera privately at Leela's request, albeit poorly because he no longer had the Robot Devil's hands.

Leela full name Turanga Leela is a fictional character from the animated television series Futurama. Leela is spaceship captain, pilot , and head of all aviation services on board the Planet Express Ship. Throughout the series, she has an on-again, off-again relationship with and eventually marries Philip J. Fry , the central character in the series and becomes the mother to Kif's offspring and in the comics only, Elena Fry. She is one of the few characters in the cast to routinely display competence and the ability to command, and routinely saves the rest of the cast from disaster, but suffers extreme self-doubt because she has only one eye and grew up as a bullied orphan. She first believes herself an alien but later is revealed to be the least-mutated sewer mutant in the history of 31st-century Earth. Her family particularly her parents' accent and " outcast " status parodies aspects of pollution and undesirability associated with industrial New Jersey when compared with New York City. When Leela was still an infant, her parents gave her up to the Cookieville Minimum Security Orphanarium with a note scribbled with mysterious symbols to make an impression that Leela was an alien, so that she would have a better life than a typical mutant, the mutant doctor who delivered Leela having observed that she was "the least mutated mutant ever born".
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