Q: Where did you learn to make jewellery?

A: I’m a self learner.

Q: NO WAY! You must have read a book, or a tutorial or sth!

A: No. The fact that some people use books or youtube to learn stuff from doesn’t mean that everybody has to.

Q: What wire do you use?

A: Usually copper wire, plated (silver, enamel etc) or bare, 0.8 or 0.9mm for base and 0.3mm for wrapping

Q: Where do you get your supplies?

A: Various online shops, mostly Ebay.

Q: Why don’t you use sterling silver wire, like all respectable jewellers?!!!!111oneone

A: Because I’d like my jewellery to be affordable. The prices of sterling silver wire and the amount of it I normally use, would make each piece over $150. Or more. And also I like enamelled wire, as it comes in many colours. Especially the gunmetal colour, which goes with steampunk style and is warmer than oxidized silver. Also, recently there have been changes in the An Post regulations (Post company in Ireland), and I wouldn’t be able to ship sterling silver items abroad legally with registered mail. I want to avoid potential problems with missing shipments and no way to retreive them.

And most of all, why the hell should I do what everybody else does?

Q: Will there be more pendants of a kind that I want (hearts, skulls, cats, Cthulhus).

A: Yes, but not all in one time. I get a lot of requests for more heart pendants, and I manage to make 2 – 4 (5 -6 if I’m doing nothing else but this) per day, so please be patient and check out my shop on regular basis.

Q: I clicked on the link and the item is not available.

A: This means it has been already sold. I can’t make another one exactly like it, but I may be able to make something similar. Please contact me at ukapala@gmail.com.

Q: Why don’t you make tutorials? We’d all like to learn your technique.

A: The most important tool in my work is my imagination. This isn’t something you can quite learn. The rest is your regular wire wrapping techniques, that have been already covered by other people. I suggest checking out deviantArt or Etsy for tutorials.

Basically it’s not the technique that makes my work recognizable, but ideas how to use it. Also, I don’t want people to copy my designs, so why should I help them do it? Again, this is what I do for a living, and if everybody else was able to do this, I’d be unemployed.

Q: So what should I do to be better at wire wrapping?

A: As with every other technique, discipline or anything: work more, make more stuff, you’ll get there eventually. Nobody’s a master at the first try.

Q: Why are your prices in Euro instead of USD?

A: Because I live and pay taxes in a country where Euro is an official currency.

Q: Why are your prices in Euro cheaper than the USD equivalent and why do the prices change every day?

A: Because of the currency exchange rate, which also changes every day. You can check the current rate here.

Q: Why is the shipping so expensive?

A: I can’t help that. The cheapest registered letter in Ireland costs €5.85. Also, add the price of a bubble envelope (about €0.15 to 0.40). And non-registered post has no tracking option.

Q: Do you ship stuff to $my_country?

A: I ship stuff anywhere as long as you can pay with PayPal.

Q: Where did you get that item from/did you make it all yourself?

A: I paid leprechauns to make it. Or I imagined it and made it with the force of my mind. Ohno, wait, I have an Excel macro…

Seriously, did you think I would blog and sell stuff that somebody else made? ;)

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  1. Re 4: remember that people who work in proper silver in the form of art clay are accused of “playing with platicine” by the “proper and professional jewellers” (because they get superb effects NOT following the traditional methods)

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