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Century-old home with blue paint and gingerbread styling. Image Source: Degnan Design. Anyone who appreciates a good antique can understand the nostalgic appeal of an ancient home whose walls are filled with history. Older homes have amazing character traits and historical features that most new homes simply do not have. Those huge wood burning fireplaces, the wood trim and moldings, and those ceilings with rustic wood beams — dating old homes are all the amazing features that usually do not come in todays mass produced homes. It would be easy to hastily buy one of these ancient gems before doing a little research. However, a thorough almost forensic investigation is needed before buying an older home.

Track my home. Warm and lived-in, with a majestic fireplace, wood craftsmanship from another era, and a crooked old apple tree in a beautiful garden —only an older house comes with dating old homes own personality. But that personality could come with a steep price in upkeep and renovations to meet the needs of your family and your modern tastes. How do you decide if an older home is worth it?

Every old house has a story to tell. Find out when your home was built, who lived there, and how they changed it. On a street filled with ersatz 's Colonials, the two-story white clapboard house with the black shutters exudes antique charm, especially when one notices the quaint sign hanging at the end of the driveway: Suttonfields, ca. The sign dates to , after Gladys Schondorf, who owns the Somers, N. Working with the town historian, she learned that her 2. Schondorf presumed that her house included part of that original homestead—but now, after more digging, she's unsure if Mr.
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The earliest lath was hand-split with a hatchet, resulting in an irregular board that expanded like an accordion. After the use of circular saws became widespread aroundsplit lath was still used in rural areas, but elsewhere the fastest, cheapest way of producing lath became sawing boards into thin, regular strips. This process, distinguished by the regularity of the lath and the saw marks, remained standard into the 20th century, when drywall began replacing plaster as the wall covering of choice. I also have n old cape with split laths in the ceilings and strip laths in the walls. I see some evidence of circular marks on the strip laths. We think the home was built aroundbut this circular evidence does cast doubt…. My house is late 16 hundreds, end chimney colonial with split lath in the ceilings and strip lath in the walls. Researching s Berwick me we found in a saw mill on the great works river had multiple blades up to dating old homes at once, up and down saw, the first water powered in USA this would explane the lath diferance so strip lath may have been early than thought, I deal with gang saws in the wood industry and they had to be cutting lath. Click here to cancel reply. Name required.

InspectAPedia tolerates no conflicts of interest. We have no relationship with advertisers, products, or services discussed at this website. How old is my house? This article series provides a photo guide to determining the age of a building by examination of the architectural style of construction or the building materials and components that were used in the structure. Here we list some helpful clues to answer the question "how old is the house? The age of a building can be determined quite accurately by documentation, but when documents are not readily available, visual clues such as those available during a professional home inspection can still determine when a house was built by examining its components, building materials, even nails, fasteners, and types of saw cuts on lumber. The entire building exterior facade is made of cast iron, including the window parapets and sills and the faux stone exterior walls and corner quoins. How to determine the age of a building - Building component age: construction materials, methods, including hardware, saw cuts, and other details can help determine when a building was constructed or when it was modified. Visual clues pointed out by a home inspector or available to any careful building inspector can help indicate the age of a building. Keep in mind that even when we can identify specific types of building materials and building methods, precise dating of the time of construction of a building remains difficult: old building materials were often re-used, so beams, siding, and other components may appear in a dating old homes built later than when the materials were first made.

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