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Welcome to St. John's parish community. Below dating ludwig drums serial number our latest news and events. If you would like something posted here, please contact the blair and chuck hook up. Follow St. John's on Facebook to join in the sharing of information and photos in our parish community. Ringo starr's first ludwig drums 70's timeline vintage 60 s double ended hex key, not find.

Continued from page 1. Taking as an example a non-date stamped drum with the serial number of , lets first find the proximate serial numbers to— which areandrespectively. Next, check the corresponding dates to these serial numbers — which are February 26, and September 4, These two dates indicate the general time frame when our non-date stamped dating ludwig drums serial number was made. I once asked Mr. Ludwig why only some of the shells were date stamped? Other times it was to keep up our production speed so that we could keep up with the demand. And sometimes it was just because the stamp pads ran out of ink.

The evolution of Ludwig hardware is a detailed and multi-faceted story. For this reason and the aforementioned trend of updating vintage drums, hardware will not be covered in this guide. Date stamps are simultaneously the best and worst means to properly date a Ludwig drum from the '60s use of the date stamp was discontinued ca.
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