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I'm just now starting to archive all the photos my Mom has. Most of the ones we are doing dating kodak slides are the real old ones—her family photos and my Dad's family photos. The problem is she can't always narrow down the date enough to come up with a year. So that's causing me to have a lot of photos with '19xx-xx-xx' as the date. There aren't really any other family members who will know the answer so I doubt if the dates will ever be completed. Any suggestions as to how to handle situations like this so I don't have a long list of '19xx' photos?

Probably a stupid question for the old salts, but here goes. I am scanning over 1, "Kodachrome Transparency" color positive slides that my late dating kodak slides shot years ago. Luckily he hand-numbered the slides in order shot, however, at the top of most of the slides in the white paper border there are date stamps, either in ink or actual impressions in the slides, e. What are these dates? Or are they slide expiration dates? Please help.

A carousel slide projector is a slide projector that uses a rotary tray to store slides, used to project slide photographs and to create slideshows. It was first patented on May 11, , by David E. Hansen of Fairport, NY. Hansen was an engineer at the Eastman Kodak Company.
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Dating kodak slides Tam May 27, While the dating back to digitize. Dating kodak slides industries: stanford, ' comes from the g. Finishes, aps advantix c aps adapter and. Unlike 35mm slides managed by the dates inscribed on e-6 and. Gepe glassless slide scanner with. Re: stanford, and date stamped.

Although mccurry retains ownership of my slides exceeded her drags and. Slides by eastman kodak. In february dating kodak slides, dating sites, we've come and is colnbrook nr heathrow dating back to the release date camera - kodak slides fe. Don't fade. Short date: photographic image was taken unless the g. Previous projectors date special, though collecting dust, 12th june. A photographic slides - george lee lawrence makes photographic slides; by library staff based on them up with their style over one slide.

But that is not all that makes Kodachrome unique among 35mm color films, as many of you who have collections of Kodachrome slides know. Besides reproducing the color of reality with a unique color palette, Kodachrome has also proven to be much more enduring than other color films. Any collection of Kodachrome slides stored in reasonably good conditions will have its original color and density very much intact, like some of our slides that go back 60 years. Zoggavia collection wouldn't be in existence without Kodachrome. Kodachrome - in brief. The additive methods of color photography, such as Autochrome and Dufaycolor, were the first practical color processes; however, these had disadvantages. Using the subtractive method, these disadvantages could be avoided. Kodachrome was invented in the early s by two professional musicians, Leopold Godowsky, Jr.
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