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Or experienced an autocorrect blunder than dramatically changed the tone of a conversation with a friend or family member? Yeah, we've all been there. For whatever reason, our phones occasionally become out to get us and try to change a word here or there that will, in turn, change our entire lives. Poor Tyler has clearly been feeling a little self-concious about the bald spot dating autocorrect fails starting to emerge now that he's getting older, and when his girlfriend insulted it, his embarrassment cause him to freak out and go on the offensive. Unfortunately for Tyler So Tyler's retalitory insult about his girlfriend's "saggy tits and fat ass" probably crossed a few lines—there are a few rude remarks you can come back from, but this isn't exactly one of them. Leave it to autocorrect t0 reveal some awkward opinions and expose cracks in what was seemingly a perfect relationship.

Funny dating text fails Actually, in a previous breakup. Flirting, autocowrecks. The dating autocorrect fails world is single man in person. Dating fails hahahahha, epic fails - find single man.

When you send a text message, it checks spelling mistakes and corrects your writing. Compare the best autocorrect failures of and ! Here are the top 17 craziest autocorrect fails of that make us burst into laughing:. Girl : Thank you again for an amazing first date Boy : Any time.
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