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We are all attracted to certain types of men. More than likely, though, we are attracted to men who have something in common with our fathers or the positive male figures in our lives. Whether we want to admit it or not, we are attracted to men who, however slightly, remind us of dad. According to the Daily Mail, women are more likely to choose a mate with dating a man like your father same or similar eye and hair color as their dad. The reasons given for this are varied.

He is the dating a man like your father man you learn to love and one of the most important people in your life, your dad! While on the search for the perfect companionyou may unconsciously look for characteristics that reside in the people you are close to. As a child you watched the way your father treated your mother, if he did romantic things for her or if they argued all the time, those experiences shaped how you act in relationships. Several physiologists have said that women tend to date people who are similar to the parent they had a more difficult relationship with. For many girls, that parent is their father.

He is the one she bats her eyelashes at when she needs money for shopping, and the one she bear-hugs after a long, stressful day. He is her favorite dork, hero and man on this planet. He is her dad.
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Dating a man like your father why is that? We have the scoop on why and where that relationship theory stems from. We caught up with lifestyle and relationship expert Laurel House to get her take on whether women really gravitate toward men who are like their fathers. But is it true? Yes and no, but there is weight to the idea and some reasons it can be true in some cases. How you were treated by your father as you were growing up helps shape your view of men in general and what you expect from them. It sets a standard, explains House. It is a standard that is set. If you were raised by a very caring dad who looked after you, took care of you and treated you like his little princess, you might now look for similar treatment from who you date. Am I respected and cared for?

Your father was the first man to ever enter your life and the first man who you ever learned to treat with utter reverence. Your father was a living example of traits you should look out for, ones you learned to be proud. And most importantly, you probably still love him for all of his flaws. That is why you need to find someone dating a man like your father is able to love you unconditionally and wholeheartedly. We need to learn that we must always chase and strive to achieve our goals.

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