I When I’m not overwhelmed with the amount of work, I sometimes accept commissions, but not all of them. Here are the rules:

  • Please don’t ask me to make a piece exactly the same as one I had made before and has been sold. I only create unique items. I can however make something similar and within the same style: either the colour would be different, or the type of bead, type of wire, size etc. The best thing you can do is browse my Etsy shop and see if something you’d like isn’t already there.
  • When I create the commission piece for you, I will sell it to you only via my Etsy shop. It is to prevent potential payment/shipping problems and for the safety of both the buyer and the seller. I can however omit this rule if you live in the Dublin (Ireland) area. Email me and we’ll figure something out to spare you the shipping cost. Also if you know me personally, you will know what to do :)
  • Please be advised, that sometimes what people want is impossible for me to make. For example, you say “I want this but in pink instead of red”, and the type of bead used in the piece you want just doesn’t come in pink, so there’s no way for me to get it anywhere.
  • Sometimes you will have to wait a few weeks if I don’t have a particular type of bead or wire you requested in your item; I’ll have to order it first, get it shipped to me, and then create the piece (but don’t worry, I have a lot of supplies just waiting to be used).
  • Commission pieces will be at least 10-20% more expensive than the regular stock. The main reason for this is that I have to look for specific materials to create them, which takes a lot of time, while the regular stuff is just made with whatever I have on my desk. The second reason is that custom orders take some more time to create – I have to be especially careful to get all the details right, as opposed to totally freeform work. The third reason is that I often need to order supplies to make it, and I can only order them in bulk, which means spending additional money.
  • Please do not ask me to copy another artist’s design “with just a few details changed”, this is just wrong and offends both me and the other artist equally.
  • Also, please send all commission requests by email, NOT as comments to this or any other page. The request comments will be removed, it’s a blog after all, and discussing private business in public is awkward.


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