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I tried to contact the author of this article in various ways but never succeeded, therefore I have translated it as closely as possible. I'd like to thank Alan Chestnutt of Reborn Briar like myself, user of pipesmokerunlimited forum for having helped me by reviewing the translation of this essay. If you have any question about the translation feel free to email me at mailto:bumperballdub mail. I have had charatan pipe dating idea for a long time to publish on the web a collection of articles about dating and history of brands of pipes, especially English makes. Therefore, I finally decided to start the exercise discussing the most difficult brand to date. I say difficult and easy at the same time simply because Charatan, during its many mutations, has always left some unmistakable marks on its pipes; so unequivocal that dating does not prove a huge problem. The difficulty, however, lies in the knowledge of the various eras, which are many and often create doubt among collectors. The various articles that have appeared in journals and around the web cause the rest, because they are often incomplete or contradictory, creating confusion among fans of the pipes.

I am back working on one of the two pipes that are left in the lot that came from the estate of an elderly gentleman here in Vancouver. I met with his charatan pipe dating Farida almost a year ago and we looked at his pipes and talked about them then. Over the Christmas holiday she brought them by for me to work on, restore and then sell for her. There are 10 pipes in all — 7 Dunhills one of them, a Shell Bulldog, has a burned out bowl2 Charatan Makes, and a Savinelli Autograph. His pipes are worn and dirty and for some folks they have a lot of damage and wear that reduce their value.

One of the oldest London pipe makers, Charatan was for years Dunhill's chief rival. Rather than using frasing machines to shape their pipes, Charatans were made by hand on the sanding disk, much as the Danish carvers do today. Charatan struggled along through the post World War II decline in the pipe market. In , the company was purchased by Herman Lane, the tobacco distributor. Lane brought much needed energy and creativity to the marque, along with the dreaded "Double Comfort" bit, which some loved, and many hated.
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Short history of the brand. Brand founded in by Frederik Charatan. When his father retired inReuben Charatan took over the family business. All the pipes charatan pipe dating handmade until The brandname has been overtoken by Dunhill in and sold in to James B.

Olindo Guerrini, an Italian poet, writer, book-lover and rebel who lived in Italy in the late 19th and early 20th century, writing under the pseudonym Lorenzo Stecchetti, loved tobacco. These pipes had bowls made of red clay and mouthpieces in Marasca cherry wood and were sometimes called caratenea term which Guerrini used in some of his sonnets written in dialect in the late s and early s. But what is the origin of this term? In fact, there was hardly any difference between the two words. Yet, knowledge of caratene pipes had never spread beyond the Romagna region. On the other hand, in the late 19 th century, the wealthy upper classes were already familiar with this prestigious, expensive pipe produced in a small workshop not far from the River Thames. So why was a costly pipe produced in England being so much sought after by a few, discerning Italians in Romagna in the late 18 th century? However, there seems to be problems with dates here, because at that time Frederick would have only been fourteen, old enough to work, but certainly too young to open his own business. The documents he provided in to apply for British citizenship state that he was born charatan pipe datingand it is supposed that his arrival in London was relatively recent.

Is anyone savvy with dating Charatan Pipes? So, tonight at work I took it down, cleaned it up, polished it, etc. Me being the guy I am instantly wants it and is informed it's an estate pipe for sale, so, naturally, it's going to be mine. That aside, I was curious to its age. From my web readings this is what I think I can confidently tell you: The L indicates that it is lane era, so sometine between and the sale of charatan to dunhill in Not all Lane Era charatans have the L.
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