Epic Con

I’m going to have a jewellery stand on Epic Con this year (February 19-20, Maynooth), so I really have a lot of work to do (I’ve been sick for the past week, so I’m far behind the schedule). I’m going to have to create a huge batch of jewellery that I won’t list on Etsy, because the steampunk and gothic stuff sells almost immediately, and if I list the new items, I won’t have anything …


Subscribing to the Post A Day 2011 programme

I’m subscribing to the Post A Day programme, hopefully this will motivate me to blog more stuff that: I’ve already made but must photograph first I have photographed but didn’t get as far as editing and writing descriptions I have photographed, edited, listed on Etsy, but somehow thought it would be too boring or not good enough for the blog $other_stupid_explanation_for_procrastination I’ll also try to post one photo every day in my other blog :)

How I manage to keep my wrapping neat

I want to thank everybody for all the kind words about my wire wrapping. The comments, here, on DeviantArt and Facebook have been very friendly and encouraging and make me want to create even more jewellery. And I also want to make one thing clear. There has been a lot of questions about how I manage to keep all my wrappings so neat and tidy. Well, I don’t. I waste a lot of wire. I …


My workspace

For those who are interested in how I work. No, I have no idea how to keep it tidy. I’d need more boxes, I suppose, or a bigger desk. But I’m suspecting that a bigger desk would only result in more chaos. No, I’m not sure how I’m efficient, but I am. I also watch films and tv shows on my computer while making jewellery (I’m bored when I only watch movies or only make …


Why I don’t make tutorials

I’ve just got a question on deviantArt: “Your jewelery is amazing! I think it would be realllllllllly awesome if you put up a demo of how you make any of your stuff!” At first I got angry. Why should I tell my secrets to everybody so they can make jewellery like mine, right? There are already hundreds of people on deviantArt who copy other peoples designs pretending they’re just inspired by them, so why should …


Another convention

I’m going to have a jewellery stall on another convention, Gaelcon in Dublin on 22-25 October (the upcoming weekend). I must get very busy again making more pendants, because they seem to sell a lot better than earrings, which I have plenty of. These are two of the pendants that I’ve made during Octocon. They will be available to buy during Gaelcon, I suppose.

Octocon 2010

The convention went really, really well, I’m very happy with my sales. My fingers are a little bit sore from weaving all the wire, but I’m really glad. I also met a lot of very nice people. Many thanks for the Octocon staff for all the support and praise, and thanks to all of the people who bought my jewellery. A photo of me at my Octocon table (sorry for poor quality, it was taken …