Charity event donation

I have donated several pendants and several pairs of earrings to a charity event in Dublin, the International Charity Bazaar (Dublin, 13 November). You can check the details on their website and please spread the word about the event. My items will be sold by Polish embassy officials.

Holiday loot

I went to Delft (Netherlands) today. The town is famous for its ceramics (Delft Blue, cobalt blue on white), and before my trip there I did some research and found out they also make ceramic beads. The local bead shop had a lot of them. I tried very hard to ignore those that had windmills, tiny human figures and “I <3 Holland” painted on them, and looked for more abstract designs. I bought an even …



I’m going off on a holiday on Friday, so my Etsy shop will be closed from Sep 15 to Oct 1. Hopefully I’ll bring some new interesting beads.

My Workroom

My new workroom made in a spare bedroom of the house I live in. There’s still much to be done (all the walls are empty), but it’s already nice to be and work in.

Less frequent posts

I’ve been working on some new projects recently and they’re taking a lot of my time. I still have too little time to do everything I want, so if I’m supposed to work on my jewellery, handle my shop and custom orders, work on my art projects, study Irish, maintain my other blogs and remain sane, I will have to stop posting stuff every day. I will blog however once every few days showing you …


Tips for photographing jewellery

I’ve noticed that a lot of people who make fantastic jewellery, don’t always have basic photography knowledge, and therefore don’t present their creations properly. Their beautiful work doesn’t get noticed because of blurry, under or overexposed, badly composed photos. I’ve decided to write a set of tips, that seem quite obvious to everybody who had anything to do with photography on a level higher than point-and-shoot holiday snapshots, but could be helpful to amateurs. Some …


The Woman Factor festival

No new jewellery today, because I’m at the festival. I have some photos, though, and some of other artists’ work. My plain earrings on a display – you won’t see them in my Etsy shop, I usually give them away as freebies for my customers ;) Delta O’Hara’s comics Delta O’Hara’s comic stuck onto an old election poster. Lisa Marie dress art Magda trying on Laura Cassidy’s earrings. Laura Cassidy’s millinery. General view of the …


The Woman Factor

I’ve just got a confirmation that I’m going to take part in The Woman Factor event in Dublin (4-6 March 2011) organized by Art Wave. This is an event, where various women from all over the world are going to present their work in fashion, visual arts and business. It’ll be a great place to be on that weekend. I’m going to have a stand with my creations, and I feel excited to see other …


Beautiful agate beads

I’m very sorry for missing a post yesterday. I was away for the whole day and didn’t manage to do everything I wanted. I’m also having trouble blogging about items that I can’t sell online, because it doesn’t feel entirely fair and people are complaining (and I don’t blame them). I’m trying to list something on Etsy once in a while, but the Epic-con project is taking the majority of my time and work, and …