Commissions vs unique designs

I get a lot of requests to remake exactly the same item that was sold a long time ago, even though my FAQ section and shop and all the descriptions in it say that my items are unique and one of a kind. Remaking something exactly isn’t possible in my case and I’ll try to explain why. My style is freeform It means that I design stuff as I make it, not before. I can …


A little bit on the jewellery pricing (a.k.a. ooooh, expensive!)

This topic has been covered numerous times by pretty much everyone who sells their crafts, and every artisan has their own reasons for making particular items more expensive than other and some of the reasons are the same with every person. I will write however about my own creations and try to explain what you pay for buying MY jewellery. Background I was raised in a Poland, which lies in Central Europe and was one of the …


Shipping delays in January

I’d like to inform all my customers, that all items bought between Jan 10 and 22 will be shipped on Jan 23rd (I’ll be away during this period due to family matters, but don’t want to close the shop). I apologize for any inconvenience.

Moving the blog to a self hosted WordPress

Dear readers, I’ve moved the blog to a self hosted WordPress, instead of, because it gives me more managing options. You don’t have to do anything, because the address will stay the same – Your email subscriptions will also be moved, but you will receive updates about the upcoming posts, not comments on the old posts.

Going away for a bit

I am off to my hometown for some family and friends time. Will be back in late April. Please contact me about any custom orders then, because if you do it now I might just forget about them if they pile up. Meanwhile I’m taking a lot of supplies with me and will make a lot of those heart pendants that you all love, so rest assured there will be plenty of them when I …


New handmade jewellery group

I’ve created a handmade jewellery community on Google+. There are several jewellery related communities already, but they frown upon posting links to people’s shops (apparently you’re only supposed to look at photos of jewellery and enjoy them). Feel free to join whether you’re a designer or just an enthusiast. Please read the rules first.

Last shipping dates before Christmas

Checked them yesterday at the local post office. These are the last shipping dates (for registered mail) from Ireland; after those dates An Post can’t guarantee the items will reach destination in time for Christmas. Ireland & Great Britain – Dec 19th Europe – Dec 18th the rest of the world (yes, that includes USA) – Dec 7th If you want to make a special order for Christmas or Hanukkah, or just buy something from …


Octocon, cuff links and other stuff

Octocon is in less than two and Gaelcon is in three weeks, so I’m working and making preparations. I wanted to have some new stuff for this years conventions. I will have Cthulhu pins, but people who follow my blog have seen them already. Something entirely new that I’m preparing is dichroic glass cuff links: These are just four pairs, there will be more. Mostly in cooler shades, like blue and green or ice purple. …


Shop closed for April

I’m going on my well deserved and very much needed holiday in April, so my shop will be closed for the whole month. If you’d like to order something, please do it until Friday March 30th (the last day I’ll be shipping things off will be Saturday March 31st).  

Etsy scam warning!

I’ve received an email via Etsy, asking to donate a piece of jewellery to a sick kid, to inspire him. I was considering doing that for a short while, but with a little help of my friends and Google search engine, it turned out to be a scam. The story of illness was taken from this article and only the names were changed. For example, the email said: In 2006, flu-like symptoms and bruising prompted …