Earthy tones necklace

As usually, assembling the beaded part took me a lot more time than the wire wrapped part, because I kept stringing the beads and dismantling the whole thing all over again until for hours until it looked right. I used fused glass cab for a focal piece, coconut shell beads, lampwork beads, handmade recycled glass beads, some brass plated findings and faux suede cord. Available on Etsy.

Glass necklaces

The central wire wrapped pieces of these necklaces have been ready for quite a while, but I had to decide which beads to use for the rest of the necklace and had to collect enough of them. I was trying to go for the casual asymmetric look. Autumn colours available here. Pink and purple colours available here.  

Brown steampunk necklace

I’m particularly proud of this one, I think it’s the best of the series so far (there were four already, three gothic and one steampunk). The most time consuming piece I’ve made so far, took me over five hours to complete it. Lots of beautiful silver foil glass beads in it. Available on Etsy.

Steampunk necklace

Encouraged by the popularity of the yesterday’s necklace with crocheted wire, I’ve made another one, steampunk style this time. It came out somewhat longer (54cm instead of 45). I’m very happy with how the central part came out. Available on Etsy.

Gothic necklace

I really wanted to use all these small beads that normally I don’t, instead of getting rid of them, but I didn’t want to make anything plain, but rather exciting. I came up with this. The necklace part is crocheted with wire and random selection of purple glass beads, and the central piece is wire wrapped, like all the rest of my pendants (just different shape). The clasp is in the front. Available on Etsy.

Turquoise and hematite necklace

I haven’t made a full necklace in a long time, I only make pendants these days. But in this case I thought it would be boring to make just wire wrapped turquoise teardrops, and that it would be nice to make one of them a central piece of something bigger. Hematite is one of my favourite stones to add to other stones. Its black metallic colour goes with most of the stones I’m using. Available …