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Following notes written by an English traveler in the early 19th century and two French pilots in the s, Pierre Tallet made a stunning discovery: a carbon dating papyrus of 30 caves honeycombed into limestone hills but sealed up and hidden from view in a remote part of the Egyptian desert, a few miles inland from the Red Sea, far from any city, ancient or modern. During his first digging season, inhe established that the caves had served as a kind of boat storage depot during the fourth dynasty of the Old Kingdom, about 4, years ago. Then, induring his third digging season, he came upon something quite unexpected: entire rolls of papyrus, some a few feet long and still relatively intact, written in hieroglyphics as well as hieratic, the cursive script the ancient Egyptians used for everyday communication. Tallet realized that he was dealing with the oldest known papyri in the world.

The Rylands Library Papyrus P52 , also known as the St John's fragment and with an accession reference of Papyrus Rylands Greek , is a fragment from a papyrus codex , measuring only 3. The front recto contains parts of seven lines from the Gospel of John —33, in Greek , and the back verso contains parts of seven lines from verses 37— The fragment of papyrus was among a group acquired on the Egyptian market in by Bernard Grenfell. Since this gospel text would be unlikely to have reached Egypt before c. The papyrus is written on both sides and hence must be from a codex , a sewn and folded book , not a scroll , roll or isolated sheet; and the surviving portion also includes part of the top and inner margins of the page.
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In my last post on the various discrepancies in the origin story of the Sappho papyrus published inI mentioned an article by Carbon dating papyrus Obbink published in The Times Literary Supplement on 5 February In this article, Professor Obbink stated that—as a part of the process of authenticating the Sappho papyrus—a small piece of it was subjected to radiocarbon analysis. The first thing to note is that this article by Professor Obbink is, as far as I know, the only time the radiocarbon analysis of this papyrus has been mentioned in print. This point in itself is quite odd. There was an entire Brill volume dedicated to the Sappho manuscript, but, unless I miss it, there is no mention of the radiocarbon dating of the papyrus in that book either [[ Correction, 10 Aug. The phrasing is ambiguous. The latter range of calendar dates and probability is usually what responsible popular publications report. But the ambiguity of the reported radiocarbon date of the Sappho papyrus is not the biggest problem. The reason is that neither of those date ranges makes much sense in light of the shape of the calibration curve for that era. Now let me unpack that a bit.

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