can i hook up a soundbar to my receiver

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As the title says I need help with making a sound bar work with our receiver. Can i hook up a soundbar to my receiver story short my Dad decided to buy a sound bar for himself as a Christmas present. We hooked it to one of our systems and it worked. However my Dad not being satisfied with one system hooked up, he wants the sound bar to be connected to our receiver and thus work with all the systems that are connected to the receiver. The picture I linked shows where we have the sound bar connected to the receiver.

Soundbars are typically sold as an all-in-one unit, meaning it contains one or more amplifiers, drivers for multiple speakers, and processes the incoming signals on its own. This is an active soundbar. It is uncommon to connect an active soundbar to a receiver, but it is still possible! There are two main types. The second and most uncommon type is a passive soundbar. Can i hook up a soundbar to my receiver soundbars are simply enclosures containing several speakers.

The original product links are no longer valid because those products are not available any more. I have added some links to the best soundbars available this year to help people see what is available now. Sound bars are extremely popular because they are a simple way to take your TV sound to a new level. Most are designed to connect directly to your TV so what about connecting to your receiver instead?
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Is there a way I can connect my Samsung soundbar to my Stereo can i hook up a soundbar to my receiver Basically I want to be able to play the game on my TV and have it broadcasted into other rooms that are connected via my reciever. Then I want to me able to play the radio on the reciver and be able to have the soundbar add to the existing ceiling speakers I have. Anyone know if this is possible? More info on that part would be helpful. No gaming console. I just want to be able to play the tv and hear it through the soundbar and receiver and vise versa with the receiver. Also, are the ceiling speakers part of a 5.

Did xxronniexx ever resolve his setup issues? Thanks for the help. I am still, however, having issues listening to the internet radio through my soundbar. Is there any reason the "through" setting wouldn't work for internet radio? AVS Forum articles Contests. OR Remember.
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