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If you want to get something that you never had before, do something that you had never done before! In the ancient vedic culture, people used to consider the beginning of a new year on the day of the vernal equinox. So, as earth moves around the sun it appears as though the sun is rising slightly north of due east for half of the year, and then slightly south of due east during the other half of the year. Thus there are two points where as observed from earth Sun makes a transition from north to south and south to north, and at these two points, sun rises exactly due east, and these points are astronomical dating of vedas equinoxes. One is the spring equinox and the other is the vernal equinox. It is to be observed that in northern hemisphere what looks like a transition of sun from south to north i.

Dating the Rg-Veda by Dr. Koenraad Elst Edited by N. Rajaram The determination of the age in which Vedic literature started and flourished has its consequences for history. The oldest text, the Rg-Veda, is full of precise references to places and natural phenomena in what are now Punjab and Haryana, and was unmistakably composed in that astronomical dating of vedas of India. The date at which it was composed is a firm terminus ante quem for the presence of the Vedic Aryans into India.

All of these aforementioned peoples abhor slavery. So to defile word White with assertion leader of Koranimals was pure White is a perversion of historical truths and hastens extinction of three four peoples off the planet in favour of BantuSino Kingship over All other beings. Post a Comment. The astronomy-based high chronology was picked up by Indians only in B. We will now look into the recent crop of arguments mustered to neutralize this inconvenient body of astronomical evidence, apparently so in contradiction with the chronologies based on archaeological findings horse, spoked wheel, bronze, iron and on comparative-historical linguistics. This will implicitly necessitate a second look at the arguments in favour of a high chronology as well.
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Often times, scholars use the astronomical signs mentioned in our ancient texts to date those texts. The problem with this is that they do not provide definitive dates in themselves, but provide dates with repetitious cycles unless additional information is taken into account. There are two equinoxes during the calender year: the spring equinox and the vernal equinox and are days when the light of the Sun will spend a nearly equal amount of time above and below the horizon at every location on Earth and night and day will be of the same length. An equinox in astronomy is that moment in time not a whole day when the center of the Sun can be observed to be directly above the Earth's equator, occurring around March 20 and September 23 each year. The one in March 20 is considered the spring equinox and the September equinox is the vernal equinox. The precession of the equinoxes refers to the precession of Earth's axis of astronomical dating of vedas with respect to inertial space.

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