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Tintypes, Daguerreotypes and Ambrotypes c cyclebackall rights reserved. Tintype : Early image on ambrotype dating thin iron plate resembling tin. By far the most common of the three for sports subjects. Daguerreotype : Early mage on a silver-coated copper plate. The rarest and most valuable for sports subjects.

Dating ambrotype photographs is fairly easy for genealogists. It is a cased image like the daguerreotype, but it was short-lived. The ambrotype was only in popular production for about ten years. So, if this is part of your genealogy ambrotype dating, you can be sure it was produced between and about

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Last week I began a series of posts showing you how to date your old family photographs using format and processby looking at daguerreotypesthe very first commercial photographic process. The collodion positive, or ambrotype, first appeared in about By the s the process had largely disappeared from high street studios, but it remained popular with itinerant open-air photographers until the s, because portraits could be made in a few minutes while sitters waited. The collodion positive process, which was based on the collodion negative process invented by Frederick Scott Archerreversed a negative image by bleaching the silver salts. The dark areas which would normally form the highlights in a printed image turned pale, and the clear areas which would form the shadows in the print appeared to be dark. When presented against a black background, the dark areas of the original negative, which had been bleached with nitric acid or bichloride of mercury, appeared as highlights. The black backing, visible through the clear areas of the plate that originally formed the highlights, appeared as shadows. Although the so-called collodion positive was in fact a negative, the emulsions were too thin to make satisfactory prints on paper. When a collodion positive was held to the light without the ambrotype dating material, the image still looked like a negative, though paler than the standard required to make a satisfactory positive print. The dark backing material could be a velvet pad held inside a presentation case, or a simple coating of black varnish for those made in lower-class studios and temporary booths erected at holiday resorts.

They are stamped "Neff's Melainotype Pat 19 Feb 56" along one edge. Sizes range from one-sixth plate to full plate see appendix El. Many are found in gilt frames or in the leather or plastic ambrotype dating cases of the earlier ambro-types. Civil War Period: - Tintypes of this time are primarily on--sixth Plate and one-fourth plate and are often datable by the Potter's Patent paper holders, adoned with patriotic stars and emblems, that were introduced during the period. After the paper holders are embossed rather than printed. Uncased tintypes have been found with cancelled tax stamps adhered to the backs. The stamps date these photographs to the period of the wartime retail tax, September 1,to August. They "created a sensation among the ferrotypists throughout the country, and the pictures made on the chocolate-tinted surface soon became all the rage," according to Edward M. Estabrooke During this period "rustic" photography also made its debut with its pastoral backgrounds, fake stones, wood fences and rural props.

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