About me


Photo: Slawomir Okrzesik

My name is Ula and I enjoy creating stuff.

Every piece I make is one of a kind. Even if I make similar items, there’s always some difference: colour, size, type of wire, type of stone, pattern.

My favourite materials are enamelled copper wire, old watch parts, lampworked glass, fused glass and various minerals.

Most of the jewellery I make is actually freeform, which means that I only have a general idea when I start making them, and the expected outcome is never obvious until I finish. This can be tricky with earrings sometimes, as they’re usually expected to come in pairs…

Sometimes when I have a specific design in mind, I draw a few versions of it in my sketchbook. I even sometimes actually use the pictures afterwards, but it’s not a general rule…

Making jewellery used to be just a hobby for me, but I’m now treating it as a full time job. Aside from that, I’m a traditional artist, a photographer and a graphic designer. I’m an Academy of Fine Arts graduate, specializing in painting, but I like doing all sorts of art related stuff. Every now and then you can see me playing the guitar and singing at the Breton music sessions in Dublin and Belfast.

I also like cats, mystery books and sci-fi films.

You’re more than welcome to browse my photoblogEtsy shop or my deviantArt profile.

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