Commissions vs unique designs

I get a lot of requests to remake exactly the same item that was sold a long time ago, even though my FAQ section and shop and all the descriptions in it say that my items are unique and one of a kind. Remaking something exactly isn’t possible in my case and I’ll try to explain why.

My style is freeform

It means that I design stuff as I make it, not before. I can have an outline before I start but it’s never exact and I make final decisions as I go. Some swirls can cover a bit that I didn’t think was nice enough. Some elements are design to balance other elements that were made as freeform, so that the overall composition is right. The wire wrapping heavily depends on the supplies I’m using at the moment, even their colour (some things look better on darker background and some on lighter). Using this technique means that repeating certain things is nearly impossible. My pendants are designed to be uniqued from the beginning, even if a motif (like a heart of a cat shape) is repeatable, the details will always differ

My style constantly changes

I’ve made over a thousand heart pendants now. Not to speak of other pendant shapes. Sometimes someone requests a designed that was conceived five years ago. I’ve improved my technique, found out what supplies I like more than other, I’ve decided not to use some tricks anymore because my designs are better off without them. If I wasn’t evolving as an artist something would be very wrong with me.

Look at these cat pendants: the first one was made in 2011 and the second – in 2015. Isn’t the newer one much nicer, with the beautiful handmade glass cabochon on it and more careful wrapping?

IMG_3676m IMG_4380m

Supply sources dry out

The fact that I used to use some supplies that I and everyone else liked doesn’t mean I can get them anymore :( Bead shops close down, Ebay users stop selling one thing and move on to the other and it’s sometimes impossible to get something I used to get every month four years ago. I wish it wasn’t so and I really do spend a lot of time researching new supply sources and looking for the stuff that I’m missing for certain projects, and most of the time I find something equally nice. Sadly, not in every case.

They’re meant to be unique

I sell my pendants with a promise that they are one of a kind. This means that remaking the same item that was already sold would not be fair to the first buyer! If you want identical things don’t go looking for them among handmade things. I am sorry that you didn’t get to buy your favourite product, believe me I know the feeling. But I have over one hundred listings in my shop at any time, sometimes nearing two hundred and most of them are wire wrapped pendants. Maybe you’ll love something as much as the original one or even more?

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