Shop closed for April

I’m going on my well deserved and very much needed holiday in April, so my shop will be closed for the whole month. If you’d like to order something, please do it until Friday March 30th (the last day I’ll be shipping things off will be Saturday March 31st).  

Etsy scam warning!

I’ve received an email via Etsy, asking to donate a piece of jewellery to a sick kid, to inspire him. I was considering doing that for a short while, but with a little help of my friends and Google search engine, it turned out to be a scam. The story of illness was taken from this article and only the names were changed. For example, the email said: In 2006, flu-like symptoms and bruising prompted …



I was a little bit late with the shamrock production this year, but there’s still some time until St. Paddy’s day. I tried different wire and bead combinations this time. Available in my Etsy shop: warm green shamrock, light green shamrock, green wire shamrock and blue shamrock.