New blue and red heart pendants

I haven’t been making anything else except heart pendants recently, because there’s a high demand for them before the holiday season. I’d love to sit down and invent some new designs, but after I’ve made lots of hearts I have no energy for much else :( I have plenty of ideas though, and plenty of supplies, so maybe after the busy season ends I’ll be able to work on something new. For now just check out the new hearts. The blue and red ones seem to be most liked, so I made several last week. Available in my shop.

Please be advised, that now is the last reasonable time to do holiday shopping, because the post can’t guarantee that mail sent after December 10th will reach you by Christmas.

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  1. OMG I am IN LOVE! These are sooooooo fabulous!!!!

    I can’t decide which color I like better! you do beautiful work!

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