Handmade glass pendants

The next step from buying handmade lampwork beads in bulk, is buying artistic glass beads and cabs from self-representing glass artists. They are usually higher quality than the commercially manufactured supplies, and unlike them, are absolutely unique (this is me showing the middle finger wondering how to protect myself from plagiarism, which unfortunately happened just recently). I’ve recently purchased some beautiful pieces from other artists on Etsy.

The pendants listed here are available in my Etsy shop in silver foil and lampwork and gothic sections.

I’ve got some interesting fused/dichroic glass cabs from ForThePeople (USA). I posted a photo of them a few days back. Two pendants that I’ve already made didn’t take very much time to complete, just slightly longer than my usual bead-based pendants. The yellow one is odd, because the design is victorian goth inspired, but the yellow cab is more high tech goth, than victorian goth (not sure if goth people wear yellow). Hopefully someone will like it. The other one is also weird, because I can’t really tell what colour it is. The base is brownish red, but it looks mostly black when wrapped in wire, and the metallic decorations on the top are multi-colour. I also wasn’t sure what wire would be the best for it, so I went with neutral silver.

Antonija Gospić (Glassilicious) from Zadar, Croatia, whom I know from deviantArt (and she’s one of those talented people who inspired me to take up wire wrapping) also designs awesome glass beads. I’ve got some glass donuts from her shop, and wrapped two of them in copper wire (partially hammered):

I’ve also got ten fused glass cabs (slightly different in style, in general, than the other ones) from an Irish glass artist Mollie Barrow; made one pendant so far, but it took me half a day to complete it. The cab is gorgeous warm purple shade.

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