Great Value Zone

I’ve got about half a ton of lampwork earrings and about another half a ton of lampwork beads waiting to be made into earrings (that’s the effect of my bead addiction). I usually sell them on conventions, but there’s just too many of them and they won’t fit onto my earring board. I decided to create a special section in my shop for them, the Great Value Zone. Because guess what: they’re cheap!

This also means, that they will be posted by cheap, non-registered shipping, which might be risky in some countries, but if you buy five pairs, I’ll ship them by registered post and throw in a free pair! These are just some of them, but I have over 150 pairs, and it’ll take some time before I’ll photograph them all and list them, but I’ll do my best to do that in the shortest time possible. Have fun browsing!

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