Grey agate pendant

The problem with all these beautiful agate beads is that I like them so much, that I want to use them all up and make dozens of beautiful pendants. Also, I’m afraid that I’ll mess up the wrapping (which has happened quite often), so I’m reluctant to use them. So they’re just sitting there in a box, waiting until I get brave enough to use them, and I just keep drooling over them every day.

Fortunately I’ve got some new wire to experiment with: grey enamel and silver plated (better than the silver plated one that I’d been using used before), so I’m eager to try all the possible combinations.

Available on Etsy.

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  1. this is unbelievably stunning. I make some beaded jewelry, and have been thinking of wire wrapping for some time but havent had the guts to get into it. your beautiful work has inspired me to at least try.


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