Green agate rectangle pendant

This agate bead has perfect vertical stripes. I didn’t want to make it very complicated, so I left the middle part straight and sort of following the stripes. I got carried away a bit with the top, though, but I still think it’s relatively simple. Available on Etsy.

Green donut pendant

I have no idea what these beads are, but it’s definitely some sort of a semi-precious stone, not glass. I’m thinking it might be some variation of jade, as it comes in many types. It’s pale green and just slightly translucent. Very delicate and beautiful. Available on Etsy.

Pocket watch pendant with yellow beads

I haven’t posted anything seriously steampunkish in a while, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have anything to show. I have many steampunk pendants and I promise to list them in my shop quite soon. This pendant’s base is a part of a vintage pocket watch. I used some gears and amber-yellow glass beads for decoration. Available on Etsy.

Labradorite and garnet pendant

Some labradorite beads are muddy-brownish, but some are lovely neutral grey.  They go with pretty much everything. This one has also silver flashes. I used grey enamelled wire and garnet beads for decoration, but the design is quite simple. Available on Etsy.

Wire wrapped morning star pendant

I’ve already made several morning star pendants previously, but I’ve just now figured out how to actually make a woven top part. I think it looks nicer and is less likely to get twisted while being worn. I used non-tarnishing silver plated wire. Available on Etsy.

Grey agate pendant

The problem with all these beautiful agate beads is that I like them so much, that I want to use them all up and make dozens of beautiful pendants. Also, I’m afraid that I’ll mess up the wrapping (which has happened quite often), so I’m reluctant to use them. So they’re just sitting there in a box, waiting until I get brave enough to use them, and I just keep drooling over them every day. …


Long gothic black & grey pendant

I’ve been wondering for a long time what to do with this bead. It’s plain, without any banding, just with two or three ridiculous yellowish spots on its sides. I decided to do a cage that conceals the spots, as I thought they were just pointless. I’ve just recently bought grey wire, which is called “smoke”, while the warm grey one that I’m using for steampunk is called “gunmetal”, which is somewhat confusing. Anyway, grey …


Rectangle agate pendant

I love opaque wire. It gives a totally different impression than metallic ones, looks unusual, different than anything else. Unfortunately it doesn’t come thicker than 0.7mm, which is far to thin for a base wire, so I only have the thin one for wrapping. The base is still shiny and it shows when the wrapping isn’t dense enough. Still, it looks unusual. This wire coincidentally was very similar in colour to some of the dyed …


Weekly photo challenge: Spring (pendant)

I missed the Spring so much, that I bought a lot of these yellowish-green agate beads (dyed), that encourage me to make floral inspired design on them. Well, the Spring is here already, and I’ve only made one pendant like this. Not sure if this is entirely on topic, because technically it’s crafts section, not photography, but this post is also for the WordPress’s weekly photo challenge (which is Spring this week). I’m sort of …


Grey gothic pendant

Lately I’ve been mostly making heart shaped pendants, because they’re extremely popular. But I’m thinking that not everybody likes hearts, I personally prefer oval or round pendants. And I have these beautiful silver foil grey beads, where the foil covers all the bead, not only the middle of it. Perfect for something goth and dark. The other beads I used are fire polished glass with metallic coating, which makes them hard to describe (they’re pretty …