Crystal teardrop

This bead is a crystal clear piece of agate with a strange black part on the bottom. The wrapping isn’t very complicated, but it took a considerable amount of time to make. I used some iron and hematite beads for decoration. The pendant is huge for a teardrop, it measures about 6cm. Available on Etsy.

Oval steampunk pendant

I’ve decided to use up all the big silver foil beads that I have just one of each, to make more space in my storage boxes. I’m about 1/10 through this challenge. I’m really fussy about what I do with them, because if I mess up, I won’t be able to repeat it with another bead, and I’m not very good at making decisions, so it’ll take some time before I finish this. Some of …


Purple agate and opalite gothic pendant

I’m continuing with the gothic/victorian style and dyed beads. This time I’ve got a purple dyed agate, a plain piece, without any banding, perfect for this type of pendant. I just wish the hole inside it wasn’t visible, but I can’t do much about it. This pendant took forever to make. I think that only cameos take more time. I sort of got carried away and couldn’t stop weaving until I was out of wire. …


Evening sky pendant

This is a perfect combination: blue dyed agate, which looks like an evening sky, and tiny opalite beads, that look like stars against it. I’m really beginning to like dyed beads. If they’re high quality, they give a lot of possibilities. Available on Etsy.

Sterling silver and green agate

The bead is dark green dyed agate with beautiful perfect banding on both sides. This shade of green required light and neutral coloured wire, so I decided to go with sterling silver. The simple wrapping allowed me to make the pendant double sided, so you can enjoy both sides of this beautiful stone. This is my second pendant made with sterling silver wire. Available on Etsy.    

Steampunk leaf pendant

This pendant is truly one of a kind, because there’s no way I could find other watch parts that fit each other this way. The main parts come from two different pocket watches. The gear does not only make it look more steampunkish, but also makes the construction more stable. Available on Etsy.

A lot of new hearts!

I’m very pleased to announce, that nine new heart pendants (three steampunk ones and six gothic ones), that a lot of you have been waiting for, are now available in my shop in the steampunk and gothic sections. And here’s the gallery with them all:  

Unusual custom order

I’ve been asked at the Epic-con, if I could make a Sailor Moon key out of wire and beads. I actually had to look it up on the internet, because I’m not familiar with it and had no idea how it looked. I hate doing other people’s designs, but this one time I made an exception just to see if I actually can do it technically. And in case anybody asks, no I’m not going …