Wrapping irregular agate slabs

Wrapping these irregular slabs of agate proved to be more challenging than I had thought. First, some of them are drilled in stupid spots. Second, I can’t just wrap them around, like I do with sea glass, because I don’t want to obscure the beautiful banding and crystals on them. Third, it’s often hard to make a decission which side I want on the front. Fourth, I don’t have wire that goes with them alone and doesn’t look boring, I have to use two colours, and even then I’m not sure the choice is right.

I might try and make something with sterling silver in the future, but the prices would be very high. My point is, these beads are finally worth it.

This one has beautiful banding and a tiny geode in it, so I tried not to put much wire on it. The other beads used are white howlite.

Available on Etsy.

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  1. i soooooo love you jewelries!!! but i can’t buy. hiihi. :)) but i still wish i could. hahahaha.

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