Double chain pendant

Those of you who follow my work, know that I often attach a piece of chain to my pendants, usually on just one side to balance the wrapping on the other. This time I managed to do this twice within the same pendant. It looks sort of weird, but I suppose it can be likable. Will be available at Epic-Con.

Agate geodes

Some beautiful drusy grey agate geode slices and halves. I have no idea what wire to wrap them with and how to do it without obscuring too much of a stone, and still be creative at the same time. I tried to figure something out, ended up dismantling the whole thing. They’re just too beautiful and everything I do seems not good enough. And the top left slab has a tiny heart-shaped hole in the …


Just a glimpse

…of what I’ll have for Epic-Con. And before anybody asks if I could make another one like this – no, I only had one bead like this. And it’s about time I used up all the beads I have just one of.

Epic Con

I’m going to have a jewellery stand on Epic Con this year (February 19-20, Maynooth), so I really have a lot of work to do (I’ve been sick for the past week, so I’m far behind the schedule). I’m going to have to create a huge batch of jewellery that I won’t list on Etsy, because the steampunk and gothic stuff sells almost immediately, and if I list the new items, I won’t have anything …


Coral donut pendant

Wrapping donut beads is fun. I’ve never made anything out of coral before, though. It’s organic, light and slightly warmer than the stones. It might go with labradorite, but the more red and less brownish variation. Today – plain bead and plain wire, with no fancy additions. Available on Etsy.

Black agate pendant

I have a lot of black agate ovals, small ones I used for the gothic pendants and big ones, like this one. They’re hard to photograph, though, as the surface is very smooth and tends to reflect everything when not in the right angle. And what I want to show, is the night sky blackness of it and the lovely banding. Still, a minor reflection visible on this one. Available on Etsy.

Winter frost pendant

I gave up. I bought sterling silver wire, and decided to make a few items for those who whine that copper jewellery is not “true jewellery”. Sterling silver is not bad to work with, the wire I’ve got is softer than the silver plated copper I’m used to, so it’s easier not to make mistakes. Unfortunately it’s also about ten times more expensive. This agate slab just rocks! It reminds me of frost, or a winter …