Why I don’t make tutorials

I’ve just got a question on deviantArt:

“Your jewelery is amazing! I think it would be realllllllllly awesome if you put up a demo of how you make any of your stuff!”

At first I got angry. Why should I tell my secrets to everybody so they can make jewellery like mine, right? There are already hundreds of people on deviantArt who copy other peoples designs pretending they’re just inspired by them, so why should I help them? But then I realized: there are NO secrets. No, really. No secret ingredients, except perhaps my imagination. So my answer was:

“There’s not much to learn there, actually. I wrap wire with other wire and use my imagination. It requires some practice and enough self-criticism to post only the ones that came out good. And that’s it.

Also, I don’t want other people to blindly copy my designs, so if anyone wants to use them as inspiration they’ll have to try and think for themselves.”

Everything I make is unique. Also, I only have a vague idea of what I want when I start making something, so every process is different. A piece can even end up as something entirely else than I expected.

And I can’t really tell you what makes my pendants work. Style? It’s a wide term. Balance? Usually, but not always. Colour? Sometimes. Careful wrapping? Perhaps. The right choice of wire? Most definitely.

Also my friend and fellow jeweller Srebrna pointed out that there would be nothing more boring than to watch a real time movie of wire wrapping.

Discussion is most welcome.


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  2. Yes, you’re right… but also – not (in my opinion…)
    This is your art, absolutely yours – your imagination, your (hard) work and your design.
    BUT – :-)
    But, I think, ppl just want to know how you make it, to try how hard it is. I don’t think, that they just want to “copy and nothing more” (or… maybe i’m just a little bit naive?).

    I’m not giving out tutorials, ‘coz have mo time for doing this, really, and I’m still trying to find some time to make even one…
    Of course you could say: “yes, oh… ok, you’re crazy”. Maybe, but there is some kind of complement to you if someone is asking for a tutorial – try to look on it in that way :-)

  3. No i masz Ci los.. Polka. Więcej nas w necie, niż mrówków :) I pomyśleć, że weszłam tu całkiem przypadkiem, przeglądarka Cię wygooglała ;) Mogłam się naprodukować po polsku, o :)

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