Why I don’t make tutorials

I’ve just got a question on deviantArt: “Your jewelery is amazing! I think it would be realllllllllly awesome if you put up a demo of how you make any of your stuff!” At first I got angry. Why should I tell my secrets to everybody so they can make jewellery like mine, right? There are already hundreds of people on deviantArt who copy other peoples designs pretending they’re just inspired by them, so why should …


Another approach to steampink

The previous steampink creations were fun and people laughed, but they weren’t very popular due to being, well, too pink. This is another approach to the subject, the pink shade is less fierce and looks more vintage, and the wire is the same gunmetal wire that I use for all steampunk creations. Available on Etsy.


This is one of the first steampunk items that I’ve actually made, back in July, when I’ve got my first shipment of watch parts. I sort of forgot about it and listed it on Etsy just recently. I have no idea what the stone is – could be obsidian or a dyed rock for all I know. It came in a mix of donut beads. The name comes from the fact that the pendant resembles …


Rectangle steampunk pendant

I’ve been reluctant to use rectangle-shaped beads for steampunk jewellery, but a friend told me: “Rectangle is not typical. Not typical is good.” so I tried. The main bead of this pendant is light olive-green glass, however it’s covered in a layer of copper powder on the inside, which makes it look like antique-gold coloured. Available on Etsy.

Swirly steampunk heart

Somebody said it resembles fire. I can’t disagree, really, it sort of does. I was reluctant to use this bead, because I liked other beads more and I wasn’t sure what would come out of it, but the outcome is ok. Well, at least looks better than the bead alone. Available on Etsy.

Cheerful pendant

People said it looked like some planets with their moons. I really don’t remember what I was thinking while making it. Probably that I had never done anything similar :) Lava, lime jade, turquoise and goldstone. Available on Etsy.