Turqoise and pearls

Although I love making steampunk and gothic jewellery, I sometimes have to take a break and make something more classic. I still have hundreds of semi-precious beads lying around waiting to be used. Turquoise is one of my favourite stones. This one is a stabilized turquoise nugget. And I also added freshwater pearls, as I often do. :) Available on Etsy.

Autumn on a beach

Do you know why brown sea glass is so difficult to find, despite that brown glass bottles are so common? It’s because it’s so similar to the pebbles and it usually lies between them. Also, the pieces that I’ve found so far have a different structure than clear and green sea glass, the brown ones are more porous. The great thing is that brown sea glass also resembles amber in colour. That’s why I used …


Skeleton cameo Halloween pendant

Thinking about the upcoming Halloween, I made this pendant – perhaps it will go with somebody’s outfit? I’ve spent a lot of time making this, about four hours (about twice longer than my average pendant). A lot of fire polished beads in this one too: hematite-black and iris-crystal clear. Available on Etsy.

New beach finds

I’ve never come across sea pottery that was purple :o Also, some new pieces of sea glass (I’ve got more, these are just the most interesting ones)

Cthulhu pendant no 2

Because there have been requests for Cthulhu jewellery, I decided to make a few more items. None of them will be identical, though. Fire polished glass beads for eyes, silver foil glass bead for base, enamelled copper wire for the tentacles. Sold.

Sea pottery in copper

Sea pottery is even more rare than glass. I find a lot of pieces, but only very few of them have rounded edges. I chose copper to enhance the blue colours. I made it a few weeks ago but waited until the copper tarnished a little bit to take photos. Available on Etsy.

Steampunk pocket watch blue set

The base of this pendant is the main part of a vintage pocket watch movement. I added sapphire/cobalt blue beads (lampwork and fire polished glass) and a lot of gears. I’m quite fond of this colour combination. I kept the earrings simple, because the pendant is quite detailed and I did not want to split the focus. Available on Etsy.

Purple flower pendant

This flower-shaped bead is quite unusual, I must say that its the first time Ive come across this shape. The only way to wrap this bead was to emphasize the flower shape with wire :) I wish I had more of those beads, but there was only one :( Available on Etsy.