Heart of Lorkhan

I’ve been playing Morrowind a lot lately (again), whis is surprisingly inspiring for a video game, where usually most things are obvious and no place is left for doubt. The island on which the story is being played, has numerous ruins left from hundreds of years before by a race of inventors and scientists called the Dwemer (based vaguely on Assyrians). The whole race has vanished from the realm, and the reason why is the biggest mystery of the whole story. Anyway, what they left behind in the ruins, are weird steam machines, wall lamps, some containers with random stuff in them, old rusty furniture and dangerous robots, who defend the area. Everything there looks steampunkish (is that a word?)  from the whole design of the clockwork and steam mechanisms  to rusty-coppery-brass colours.

This makes me wonder, what would the Dwemer women look like (the ghosts featured in the game look male) and what they would wear. What would the Dwemer jewellery look like? Every idea so far came back to steampunk style.

I experimented with various materials a little bit, although copper, vivid coloured glass and plated wire seem most adequate. I’m not sure if the Dwemer designers would use mechanism parts. Probably not. Oh well.

I titled this piece “Heart of Lorkhan”. Lorkhan was a creator-god whose heart had been put inside a gigantic Dwemer golem, and provided power for the tribunal gods (the whole purpose of the game was to destroy it).

This item has been sold.


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  2. This is an amazing piece, if this was still available and I had the means I would buy it in a Heartbeat.

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