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New Projects — Videos — About — Contact. In thi post we 12 volt solar panel hook up how to connect and integrate readymade solar panel system with our home, without depending on technical personnel or experts. The main gadgets required for implementing this are: a solar panel, a solar controllerbattery and an inverter. You guessed it right; we are taking about the sun, the sole source of energy that keeps our planet and us alive. Exploiting the heat from the sun rays is being done since ages, traditionally, and the modern solar cookers and heaters are the best examples showing how this massive energy input can be utilized as a heat source for many applications. However the one big leap that mankind could take was the development of solar cells and the method of converting solar power into electricity.

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I made a couple videos about the install that you may want to check out. They provide some good information to help others in their potential solar system installs. However, I wanted to create an article where I could share with more details my experience and recommendations with solar panel unit installations. I did a lot of research before and during my install. My hope is that this article combines the research I did with the personal experience I had and provides you with enough information to get you prepared, equipped and excited for your solar system installation. I have broken this article up into a few sections based on the most common questions I have been asked about our new solar system. I have also 12 volt solar panel hook up links to all the products that I used and recommend to make your life easier when deciding on what you need. Are you ready for some science? Here is a super-duper-basic explanation of solar power. Solar power converts sun energy into electricity.

Theses are the Diodes that I use, they are the same ones that are used when building the panels. Find them here. There are 3 ways to connect solar panels; parallel, series, and a combination of parallel and series. The first way I am going to talk about is parallel because this is probably the most common way that panels will be connected. For this example I am showing you connecting panels that are for a 12 volt system. This is how the panels that I have built in my other instructables are connected, and feed my solar charge controller. In this first image there are 3 solar panels. If you look at the arrows along the 12 volt solar panel hook up and red lines they are showing the direction of flow.

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